Friday, January 29, 2010

20: Tales to Astonish #37

Tales to Astonish #37
August 2, 1962

  • Does "The Protector" sound like an odd name for a bad guy to you? Turns out that it's in the sense of "protection racket", and therefore hews closer to the penchant for realistic villains found in Golden Age comics. On the other hand, this guy carries a disintegrator ray.

  • If you've read any number of Larry Lieber comics featuring a masked villain, it's an easy guess as to the identity of the bad guy at story's end. It's also no surprise that the explanation given for how he accomplished his feats makes no amount of sense whatsoever.

  • The main item of interest in this comic, though, are the new tricks employed in the artwork. It finally seems to have occurred to Jack Kirby that the most interesting visual would be to emphasize Pym's point of view, with towering figures and perspectives that race toward the sky at dizzying, vertical angles, for the first time really giving an idea of what it would mean to be an ant-sized human. Although you'd think the ants would get tired of being constantly, frantically summoned to form a big clump on which Pym can safely fall....

    You may not be surprised to find that last line of dialogue
    appears nowhere else in the whole of human history.
    Also: Yes, the baddie is really using a water pistol. He's scary.